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About Us

The Interregional Russian Microbiological Society is a national organization devoted to encourage the innovative activities of scientists, technicians and engineers, members of the teaching faculty, lecturers, and students in the field of general, environmental, and applied microbiology.

Here are the primary tasks of the Society:

(1)      promotion of integration of specialists in the field of general, environmental, and applied microbiology, as well as of all interested individuals wishing to promote development of these scientific areas;

(2)     assistance in the interaction of scientists working in general, environmental, and applied microbiology;

(3)      popularization of knowledge obtained in the fields of general, environmental, and applied microbiology;

(4)      publication and distribution of information bulletins, scientific and popular literature, reviews, information on scientific meetings and vacances;

(5)     organization of scientific meetings (conferences, symposia, workshops and other events) in accordance with the Society goals;

(6)      establishment and maintaining of relations with international organizations working in the field of general, environmental, and applied  microbiology.

At present, the Interregional Russian Microbiological Society consists of 17 regional branches — those of Archangelsk, Bashkiria, Buryatia, Caspian Region, Far-East of Russia, Irkutsk, Kalinigrad, Kolsky Peninsula, Moscow, Moscow Region, Orenburg, Perm, Saint Petersburg, Saratov, Tatarstan, Tomsk, Voronezh.

We invite everybody to join our Society! You can find the details by writing to Anna Perevalova, the Secretary (rms@fbras.ru).

Prof. Elizaveta A. Bonch-Osmolovskaya, Corresponding Member of RAS, Head of the Department of Biology of Extremophilic Microorganisms, Winogradsky Institute of Microbiology, Federal Research Center of Biotechnology RAS.